The Matcha Beer

Ever since my daughter was three years old, she knew that Daddy‘s drink was beer, Mommy’s drink was tea.  It was such a surprise when we ran into something called Matcha Beer. 

What’s Matcha?

Japanese matcha tea usually has a very luxurious green color, with foaming head like a glass of Guinness.  It’s said that it contains chlorophyll and amino acids giving matcha its unique rich taste.  The initial taste was somewhat vegetal taste with  astringent/ tart mouthfeel, followed by a lingering sweetness. Matcha made in the traditional Japanese style, whisked with water, is a full-bodied green tea.  It may not for everyone, I happen to enjoy it.  But how it could be when it makes into a beer. 

Japanese Beer

I enjoy some beers, not all.  I don’t like the extra bitterness such as some of the IPAs.  I like to experiment with different flavored beers.  For the most, it’s added artificial flavors that is just too fake.  If breweries actually add the flavor ingredients, usually fruits like apple or berries etc., the majority of the flavor loss during the fermentation process.  It’s not easy to find a good balanced flavored beer.

We went to this famous ramen store called Ichiran where having a bowl of ramen in isolation was a brand new experience.  One thing that I had to try was the Matcha Beer!  What is that?  Japanese Match tea flavored beer?  Got to have it as my usual choice of drink was a cup of tea! 

A Marriage in Heaven

Well, it looked just like a glass of matcha tea with that luxurious head in a Asahi beer glass!  The head was overflow, so yes, it looked like a beer!  The creamy foam gave the anticipation how this Matcha Beer was going to be.  Was it going to be more like a glass of tea or beer?  Or it’s going to be totally different? 

Matcha Beer Is a Thing…

It was the perfectly blended.  It kept the intense matcha tea flavor, mouthfeel and full body.  It didn’t compromise the signature Asahi beer where it’s crisp bite, dry and refreshing taste, clean finish.  The tart/ dry mouthfeel worked well together.  It was not too much or too little of tea or beer.  It was just magically blended together creat this wonderful experience. 

A creative way occupy a new space in beverage world

Within this utterly crowded beverage world, it is a nice cross platform creation.  Not too surprising, matcha beer has been popular in Japan for several years.  And think about all the antioxidants and benefits that the green tea (which matcha is categorized under), it perhaps take some guilt away from drinking! 

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