The New Best Friend for A Working Parent – The Suvie Kitchen Robot

Finally, Someone is listening! My wish has came true!

This system is AMAZING! After I saw this, I regretted to spend more than $100,000 to remodel my kitchen earlier this year! I got a big kitchen with high end appliance, many of them come with the Wifi option. Oh well, let’s see…. I would receive message on my phone from my refrigerator would send me if the door was not properly closed, from the cook top if it was finishing boiling my tea. Supposedly, I could start my meal by controlling my oven before I got home. So what?

This Kitchen Appliance Acts As A Fridge AND Cooks Your Meals

Do you expect me to put my chicken in the oven 5-6 hrs prior, so the bacteria can grow to the unhealthy level for my family? Or I should just give up the fresh produce and only use process or semi-process ingredients for my family? Or should I just turn off the oven and keep my cake in there so it will be dry and brittle? I seriously, don’t understand why these appliances need to have the Wifi options, oh, actually, they come with it!! Therefore. the manufacture can charge you more.

The Suvie Kitchen Robot system is different! First of all, it’s from frig to oven system. So I don’t worry about the spoiled food. It keeps food in a cool condition until it’s ready to be cooked. Then I has two compartments, one for your protein, another for your vegetables. It can be a bake oven, air fryer, steamer, and slow cooker. So you can have a balanced healthy meal.

If I happened to forget or rushed out of the door in the morning. It also has a rapid cycle and the meal can be from frozen to ready in 25 minute. I don’t stand by the machine for 25 minutes, I can set it then go on to put things away and get my family settle in before the dinner.

Moreover, it is so compact. Therefore, I don’t use access amount of energy to just cook a few salmon filets or a few cupcakes. If I really want to treat myself, I will also get the starch robot which cooks pasta, and rice.

Its all the cooking appliances all in one. Best of all, it wont break your bank. It’s only $399 for a Suvie Kitchen Robot, And $699 if you include the starch cooker.

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